Here’s an article by Dara Luri about her quest for better vision aided by Dr. Marc Grossman.

Betty Ming Liu writes about Improving vision naturally with Dr. Grossman.

Individual Testimonials

“Marc Grossman’s workshop has opened up my approach to my vision on every level – physically, emotionally and spiritually.” Beth B., age 53

“Marc’s class taught me a new way to “see” and “be” in the world. His work has changed the way I see the world. The exercises are simple but had a major impact on the functioning of my eyes”. Roberta C., age 48

“Marc’s integrative methods of integrating the best of western medicine with Eastern healing techniques gave me a whole new way of working with my glaucoma.” Rose F., age 68
“This class gave me a whole new understanding that the eyes are truly the “windows to our soul.” Suzanne M., Yoga teacher, age 50

“This class is a must have for any one with eyesight problems. Marc Grossman has taken vision improvement to another level with an integration of eye exercises, nutrition, Chinese medicine, yoga principles and relaxation techniques. “Jason E., Acupuncturist, age 60

“Yesterday, my eye doctor looked into my left eye and said “Surprising!” She looked into my right eye and said “This is a surprise! Good news! No cataract surgery is indicated.” I said, ”That’s because I follow the recommendations of Dr. Marc Grossman.” Patricia S., age 72

“Just wanted to send you a quick, “God Bless You.” I followed your protocol for cataracts and thank to God and you, my sight has improved, dramatically. Since using your drops, I see more clearly through the affected eye than I do in my “normal” eye. I appreciate all the work and research you do to help people see better.” Coleman, age

“I just returned from my annual eye exam after taking your class and doing your recommendations and I’m thrilled to tell you that my eyesight has stabilized — there is no further progression of macular degeneration!” V. Kokora, age 46

“I have been taking the eye vitamins for two months and have been doing the eye exercises you taught in your class pretty much regularly. I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I had been diagnosed with macular degeneration… Nevertheless, my eye doctor saw a dramatic improvement in my eyes!! I can now drive with glasses!! He said I will NOT go blind. Plus, my eye doctor told me to keep taking the eye vitamins.” K.I. Kraft, age 78

“I was diagnosed with glaucoma at the relatively young age of 53. I started drop therapy and found I was highly allergic to all but two. The drops worked to lower my pressures for almost a year, but then my pressures started to creep up again. I had run out of options for drop therapy and was facing laser surgery when I found your workshop and learned about other complementary methods for my conditions. I convinced my ophthalmologist to delay laser surgery while I gave your protocol a chance.” Susan A., age 56

“I am so excited and grateful to report that after using what you recommended my eye pressure went from 19 to 14 in 7 weeks! Laser surgery is canceled, and my ophthalmologist asked me to bring the herbs in at my next checkup because he “wants to see what I am taking”. George K., age 60

“Ever since I learned the eye exercises you taught in class to help with my near-sightedness. I’ve been using them nonstop. They are amazing!” Christine B., age 30
“Your eye exercise really helps me relax my eyes my eyes after a stressful day at the office!!” Eric K., age 38

“I have high blood pressure. Doing your eye exercises including the Magic Eye pictures helped my blood pressure to go down. It is a very relaxing and therapeutic activity.” Kate H., age 64

“I used to have headaches after reading, but the eye exercises learned in your class helps to release the pressure and worked wonders.” Victoria S., age 40

“Marc’s class gave me so much “insight to my eyesight.” Doug W., age 64

“As a medical doctor who took Marc’s class, I wanted to say that his integration of many healing modalities can have a profound impact on the ability of one to help heal their eyes. I personally am following his methods to help keep my eyes as healthy as I can.” Anne R., MD, age 56